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Ujian Online skema Offline

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Realtime absensi (GPS)

4 Layer validasi absensi

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Perbandingan GreatSchool dengan Quipper


Microservice technology

Only one mobile application for
all users

Elementary School, Junior High
School and High School User

The subject menu is connected to
video conferencing, chat, subject
matter, assignments by the

Absences and permits

Digital Academic Calendar

Color labels for undone, done,
corrected/graded tasks

Selfi attendance, known location
during attendance, tracing
exposed to covid, still PPKM

Upload office files, links, voice
notes, materials and assignments
with a capacity of 5 mb/file

Reply to comments on task menu

Upload videos directly on the
task menu

Exam menu on mobile apps,
multiple choice, filling and essay

Features to prevent cheating
(cannot open other apps) during
The exam is locked if you exit the
app during the exam.

Monitoring Daily Activity,
checklist, fill in.

Notifications, sounds when there
is news, announcements, subject
matter, assignments, exams and
bills for parents

The concept of tutorial learning

Digital school system concept

Learning by Video Features in


One web address for all users

Menu layout like dapodik

Menu schedule of subjects that
can be adjusted in real time

Schedule of subjects
automatically connected to
video conferencing

The subject schedule can be
adjusted to the school program

Upload subject material and
task is not limited to the
number of files

Material arrangements,
assignments suited to the
needs of the teacher

task recap

Basic competency bank for

Multiple choice question bank,
filling and essay

Automatic import question

Random questions during the

Determine the number of
classes that accept materials,
assignments and exams

Monitor exams, see students
who are working on, not yet
working on, exiting while
working (opening other apps)

Automatic exam recap

Absence Recap

Determine daily activities for

Payment gateway integrated
billing menu

PPOB, pay any bill at Great

Digital school concept

Informing all forms of
information about the school

Can be suitable to your needs

Helping institutions monitoring
unit optimization (the
foundation monitors the use of
this system in all units under
the foundation)

Open for white label

Following pedagogic literacy to

Covers 8 educational
standards, other shortcomings
can be developed

Can be integrated with teacher
administration, e
-report, basic
and core competencies,
attitude values.

New solution to digital school

Increase teacher productivity

efficient teacher performance

Modern school branding

The relationship between
parents and schools is good
because all information can be
known transparently

Encouraging parents to pay
more attention to students

Teachers are moved creatively
and initiatively, because of the
existing features

Get directions for a good
education management system
by experts